History of Warrant No. 760

The Warrant was first issued on the 5th April, 1792 to Bros. Wingfield Delaval, Wm. Bloomer and Jno. Bloomer to hold a Lodge in the town of Benburb, Co. Tyrone. The Warrant was cancelled on the 7th July 1825.

Other Warrants associated with Benburb at the time included:

Warrant No. 557 issued 2nd April, to Benburb near Moy, Co. Tyrone to James McCleave; Wm. Bayly and Thos. Walsh. Returned 1778
Warrant No. 780 issued 4th April, 1793 to Benburb near Moy, Co. Tyrone to Wm. Wilson; Edw. Morrison and Wm. Wilson. Returned 1822.
19 November, 1952 - Read Memorial from various brethren praying for a warrant to establish a Lodge in Rosetta in the County of Down to be called the Felicitas. The Memorial was recommended by Lodges Nos. 347, 457, 577 and by R.W. Bro. Sir William Robinson, JP., P.G.M. of Down. Recommended.
    Warrant No. 760