Foundation of Felicitas Masonic Lodge No. 760.

22nd Oct. 1952 - Printed form of Memorial for a new warrant to meet at Rosetta, Belfast and to have the title “Felicitas Lodge” – Memorial signed by twenty brethren from various Lodges.
19th November, 1952 - Read Memorial from various brethren praying for a warrant to establish a Lodge in Rosetta in the County of Down to be called Felicitas.  The Memorial was recommended by Lodges Nos. 347, 457, 577 and by R.W. Bro. Sir William Robinson, JP., P.G.M. of Down. 
The following were recommended as the first Officers of Lodge 760.
Worshipful Master W.Bro. Donald C. Carley (P.M. 577)
Senior Warden Bro. Samuel J. Allen (577)
Junior Warden Bro. John W. Thomson (577)
Memorial for Warrant
  Memorial for Warrant.